I became a midwife later in life after giving birth to my own 3 children. I met midwives who inspired and empowered me and I met midwives who made me feel rubbish and inadequate as a mother. I decided that I wanted to take the best of these experiences and ensure that more women had a positive birth experience.

I quickly gravitated towards midwife-led care as I passionately believe that women are capable of doing what their bodies were designed to do and that with the right support they will do it well. I have been a midwife for 6 years now and I love my job, my team and the families I meet. Yes, Some days are challenging. The work load can be horrendous at times despite the best efforts of our managers just because the nature of our work is unpredictable. Midwives sometimes feel unappreciated and frustrated in our roles but I still think we are very lucky in the UK in the service we are able to provide and the love and joy our jobs can bring. When I am feeling demotivated I think about midwifery around the world and that reminds me how privileged we are in the UK even if we are over-worked, under-paid and often feel our role is being eroded. But there is always room for improvement everywhere!

I believe we have the power to make any birth a positive experience if we act with compassion and integrity, whatever the mode of birth or the outcome. I also believe that midwives need to care for and support each other because lets face it, no-one else is going to do quite as good a job.

My goal is to become the best midwife I can, to provide safe, evidence-based, women-centered care which leaves women feeling positive about their experience. I also want to help my fellow midwives achieve the same goals; to help them find their personal passion and their voices; and to nurture and support our students and newly-qualified midwives to continue to help future generations of midwives to support women to birth well.